When should I seek a doctor for a vaginal odor issue?

Some women are unable to determine whether the vaginal discharge they have is normal or not, and so they wonder – when should I seek a doctor. A slight vaginal discharge is normal but if accompanied by an unusual odor it is not. If your vagina has started to give off a strong, foul odor or chemical odor or even if it’s a subtle musky odor or accompanied by other vaginal symptoms such as burning, irritation, or itching, then it’s time to see a doctor. You should also see your doctor if there is a change in the color or amount of the vaginal discharge alongside the vaginal odor issue.

When all these symptoms occur simultaneously, it is often brought on by a shift in the normal vaginal micro-flora pattern. The change in the vaginal micro-flora is likely responsible for causing the secretions that produce the unusual odor. The vagina is normally filled with good bacteria, but an overgrowth of bad bacteria can contribute to vaginal odor.

Treating vaginal odor
Tackling the problem of vaginal odor starts with a proper diagnosis, and this requires the use of advanced diagnostic equipment that is not widely available. However, board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, of Fowler GYN International in Phoenix Arizona has the necessary expertise and equipment required to make an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Fowler can also tailor a treatment plan to restore normality to the vaginal micro-flora with resolution of vaginal odors.

You can reach FGI at www.fowlergyninternational.com or by calling (480) 420-4001.


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