Why the Meisner program is essential training for aspiring actors

Aspiring actors dream of making it big in Hollywood and around the globe, but getting there is not easy, because the competition is fierce. One of the best ways to get a leg up on the competition and sharpen your acting skills, is by training in the best acting technique. That’s why the Meisner program is essential for aspiring actors.

The Meisner technique was developed by master teacher and actor Sanford Meisner. Meisner was concerned about the actor’s ability to bring truth to a performance, and act in the moment. He helped actors develop these characteristics through a series of repetitive exercises.

How the Meisner program can benefit you

The Meisner program teaches actors some key skills. Importantly, they learn that portraying a role is not so much about becoming someone else, as it is about being you under ‘imaginary circumstances.’

The Meisner technique makes actors confident and instinctual. They learn how to bravely express their truth and become the character, even if they only have a moment’s notice to prepare. This spontaneity equips them to better handle auditions.

The Meisner program teaches actors to be more open, and develop the artistry to embrace and explore real emotions for each role. They learn how to summon the emotions that a role requires. Their craft improves as they master the ability to ‘live in the moment’ and trust their instincts, so that they deliver honest performances.

From Meisner, actors also learn how to really communicate with other actors, by taking the time to listen. Being able to listen genuinely allows you to respond genuinely.

If you are an aspiring actor, the Meisner technique is an essential part of your training. The Meisner program is available at Carolyne Barry Creative Ent., in Los Angeles, CA. Please call (323) 654-2212, or email carolyne@carolynebarry.com.

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