Wrinkle Reduction Laser Treatment for Clearer Skin

Wrinkles are one of those troublesome signs of aging that seem to appear out of nowhere, and are inclined to stay with you forever. However it is possible to take years off your face, and re-claim that youthful radiance, with wrinkle reduction laser treatment. There are a number of cosmetic lasers now available that can minimize wrinkles, and renew and rejuvenate your skin.

How lasers can minimize wrinkles

Wrinkles are a clear sign that the support structure of the skin is deteriorating. This usually occurs when the reserves of collagen and elastin start to decline. Collagen and elastin, are essential building blocks that the skin needs to remain tight and youthful. Wrinkles often occur when there is a drop in these important elements.

Wrinkle reduction laser treatment helps to rebuild collagen and elastin, and this in turn boosts skin renewal. It is an effective way to soften the appearance of both superficial and deeper wrinkles. The use of lasers in wrinkle reduction is a safe option that has been FDA cleared.

Harmony XL for wrinkle reduction

Alma Lasers’ Harmony XL uses advanced fluorescent technology (AFT) to treat wrinkles, and other cosmetic imperfections. AFT is advanced pulsed light therapy that targets damaged tissue. This non-invasive treatment delivers pulses of light to unhealthy skin cells. The heat energy is absorbed by these cells, but does not affect the surrounding healthy cells.

Harmony AFT technology is effective on wrinkles, because it applies thermal energy to the deep skin tissue, where the support structure is aging. It generally takes about 5 to 6 treatments to get the skin looking smooth and revitalized. This type of laser treatment is quick and easy to perform. Each session lasts for about 20 minutes, so it can be conveniently done during the lunch hour, without any disruption to regular activities.

The wrinkle reduction treatment with Harmony XL is virtually painless, but some patients report feeling a stinging sensation during application. The procedure can soften facial lines wherever they appear, including around the eyes and mouth. It is a cost effective treatment option that will give you the natural looking results you want.

Facial wrinkles are an unwanted feature that most men and women want cleared away fast. While there are a number of topical solutions on the market that come highly recommended, wrinkle reduction laser treatment has been very successful in softening wrinkles.

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